Star Shoes Lawrenceville
3370 Sugarloaf Parkway Suite G-6
Lawrenceville, GA   30044

Star Shoes specializes in comfort, orthopedic, prescription footwear and custom made shoes.  We fit shoes the old fashioned way, by measuring, then adjusting shoes as needed.  We have a complete lab for custom made orthotics, inserts, shoe modifications and shoe repair.  We DO NOT send out any orthotic, modification or shoe repairs; everything is done on the premises.  

Don Rogers and staff have been fitting shoes for over 60 years.  Their expertise includes fitting and modifying shoes, comfort and custom-made shoes and orthotics as well as filling prescriptions for doctors.

At Star Shoes you will find a Certified Pedorthist on staff and a staff ready to give you the personal time and attention you deserve.  We have filled many shoes and orthotics prescriptions over the years.
"I highly recommend Star Shoes and the expertise of the owners, Don and Janice Rogers.  Don Rogers has been fitting my shoes since 1988. Star Shoes carries many national brands, along with Don's special shoes. Don, who is a Certified Pedorthist, has been creating & developing shoes for people with crippled, deformed, injured, & hard-to-fit feet, and also for diabetics for much of his life. Medicare, actually, pays for the shoes Don makes for diabetics because the construction of his shoes makes it possible for 75% of diabetics to keep form developing ulcers on their feet, which is a major cause of diabetics having to have amputations. Don's shoes are approved under "The Therapeutic Shoe Bill". Having had 17 surgeries on my feet over my 61 years, Don's shoes are a God-send for my feet, legs, & back. I purchased a pair as soon as they became available in 2003. His shoes hold my feet gently yet firmly and give them more and better support than did the orthopedic oxfords I had had to wear previously. Don insists on quality in the workmanship & construction of his shoes. Because of his commitment to helping others, Don continues to create, works on modifications & new aspects for shoes, and creates & develops prototypes for shoes yet to be manufactured. "

Bev C - October, 2009 -
A Certified Pedorthic Center
"I have been working with Star Shoes & Don Rogers the Owner for over 5 years. I cannot begin to say enough great things about Don. As a bit of background, I danced ballet and was on point as a child at too young an age. Now today as a mature adult I am living with the significant damage (osteo-arthritis) to my feet. I have had 6 surgeries on 1 foot and now in discussion with doctors on how to best manage the pain in my other foot."

During this time frame, Don has worked tirelessly getting me into the best fitting athletic shoes and building & tweaking custom orthotics to maximize my function & minimize my pain.
Don's knowledge, experience, compassion, great listening skills and desire to problem solve have all come together to enable me stay on my feet today and work internationally as a photographer.
I m eternally grateful that I have Don in my life."

Lorrie D - April, 2019 - Shoes Lawrenceville